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Actor Topher Grace is a FanEditor
ImperialFighter Wrote:While there's not enough info. available to match the exact same edits done for Topher's 'The Editor Strikes Back' version, I reckon there's enough descriptions in the 3 different 'review' links for someone to come up with a reasonably similar kind of overall '3-in-1' structure as he did.

Yeah, I was thinking pretty much the same thing. These are great articles, but there's no way for any of them to be detailed enough to tell us exactly what to cut to re-create the film. (I wouldn't expect them to be.)

We'll just have to settle for the great choices we have here, for now, and wait until (or if) we get Topher's version. Smile
nOmArch Wrote:A tenner says it leaks in the next couple of months.

I want this to happen.

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