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Actor Topher Grace is a FanEditor

According to the article, actor Topher Grace is a huge geek and recently made a 3-in-1 Star Wars Prequel Edit.

You can read the above article to get a description of his cutlist and Peter Sciretta's opinions of it.

Also of note:

- Before his edit screened he showed a trailer for his next FanEdit: Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

- "Grace hopes that other actors, editors and filmmakers will run with the ball, produce and showcase remixed films on a annual basis within this private community."
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Woah! That is so cool! :-)
QuickCut Wrote:Woah! That is so cool! :-)

What are the chances that this will leak out to us here? 25%, 75%, 100%??

I hope so, anybody geeky enough to spend there valuable time in such an activity must have friends in the community that will help get it to the masses that care.
I hope he edits better than he acts.
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I'd love to see what he did with the prequels. From what they mention in the article, it sounds like he made some fairly solid choices (though obviously most of them have been done before by other fan editors).

Also, a Close Encounters edit? Cool!
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Bah! You beat me to it Neg!
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There are plenty of articles out there about this, but here's one http://www.slashfilm.com/topher-grace-ed...ute-movie/

This version of the first 3 episodes sounds phenominal and while we're probably never going to see Topher's version, I was wondering if any of you know of a similar version (all 3 edited into 1, having some of the plot changes mentioned in the article) that has already been done? Smile

I didn't see this post until now and posted about this over in the Fan Edit Ideas forum, hoping that someone has done something similar... Have they? Undecided

I'd love to watch a 3-in-1 version that has the plot changes mentioned in the article!
Nice! would have been great if any of those discussing Topher's edit referenced this site, but oh well...

For those who have already started editing a 3 in 1, maybe some good ideas can come from the detailed description!
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I wouldn't mind seeing his version of the movie. He should upload it somewhere, like a website for fanedits *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*. If he actually became involved with fanediting, at least with 2 or 3 movie, it would be nice to have some weight behind fanediting with an established actor. And he's not that bad of an actor.

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