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Jambe's Raiders on NPR
Heard on today's Morning Edition:
I am fluent in over six million forms of procrastination.
Nice! Go Jambe!
Projects Completed:
Matrix Revolutions - The Epic Edition
The Two Towers Rebuilt

Projects truly In the Works:
Star Trek (2009): Gem Edition

Projects kinda sorta conceptually In The Works:
Riddick: The Chronicles
Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi
Who Watches The Watchmen
Great article. Loved the paragraph about fanedits being like lovingly made mix tapes shared between friends
Raiders of the Lost Skull | Where the Wild Things Are: The Wild Rumpus Edition
Pulp Empire | The Dark Knight Saga Recut - Part I | Part II | Part III

Next Up:
Hannibal: The Ripper's Lament
Very cool, thanks ADM. Good to see you.
You're an adult. Just cope.
Thanks guys! I am really enjoying the positive feedback!
Great to see you getting positive response for your wonderful work.
You're an adult. Just cope.
jamb: halfway thru raiders. awesome job!

never before noticed that guy with t-shirt and jeans in the street scene.
I watched this yesterday on vimeo, and it was excellent, I really enjoyed it. I found out a hell of a lot that I never knew while being completely entertained. I wish official releases could be more like this, it beats the hell out of any in movie behind the scenes option you get with blurays.

It did leave me a little sad though. The care and craftsmanship, real locations and stuntwork that went into making the thing, that today would be taken care of digitally. Also Speilberg and Lucas seem like different guys completely, I miss the 80's.

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