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The Downloading, Unpacking, and Watching Fanedits Assistance Thread
(08-11-2016, 06:15 PM)Sphinctone1 Wrote: O.K., D/L'ed "Killer Bride Extended Version" and it went fine,until it finished. Now I have z01,z02,z03 etc. and the files wont unpack. Winrar and/or Winzip pro doesn't recognize them. Jdownloader wont unpack them with either of the known passwords. Not sure what to try next,any assistance would be greatly appreciated,thanks.

Use 7-zip.
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(08-11-2016, 06:35 PM)Neglify Wrote: Use 7-zip.

Worked like a charm,Thanks!
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I can't remember what opens z-files.  Maybe try 7-zip?

EDIT: Lol, I probably should have read the next page...
Hey guys, I believe I'm having an issue which could be technical...
Has anyone downloaded JJPotter's Harry Potter EE edits before?  I got them off of fanedit.info and the first one seemed fine after unpacking the DLC with JDownloader.  HP4 and HP5 however, I'm running into problems....haven't even tried the rest of them yet as I don't want to repeat any errors.

VLC is taking about 5 minutes to read these files before playing, and even then it has to scan all over again if you attempt to seek.  (I don't get a "repairing" message, just green bar scanning at the usual play bar at the bottom.)  These are the 10GB+ files, so I tried putting them into Handbrake to compress them, but Handbrake can't read them.  (They're M4V files, btw.)  The HP3 file didn't have this problem, seems to play fine, reads fine, etc.

I've tried deleting the file and unzipping it all over again with WinRar.  Same issue.  I thought maybe there was a downloading issue since I exceeded my bandwidth with JDownloader and it's just downloading 1 packet at a time... so maybe I should delete and re-download?  I got HP3 in one fell swoop...

Anyone else have this problem?  Has anyone else used the JJPotter edits?  Should I try from an alternative source?  Any suggestions are very welcome.
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