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The Unofficial Official "Your Inbox is Full" Thread
Neglify Wrote:Yes, no need for a :mad:. We love gemgod.

It was all in frivolity.
L8wrtr... your inbox is full. Someone told me they were trying to contact you and they couldn't. Time todo some housecleaning. Smile
cleared up some space
L8wrtr Wrote:cleared up some space

Display Options --> Sender: Neglify --> Select All --> Delete
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*checks office for neglify's spycam*
L8wrtr wins again for maximum PM quota exceeded!
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made a little more room.
Rogue-theX, your inbox is full.
I cleared up some space. Smile
Currently working on: art and music and my life, at my own pace.
Rogue, you're inbox is full! :mad:
Currently working on: art and music and my life, at my own pace.

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