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Article: Fanedits Get Some Exposure In A New Article From Penthouse
Sunarep Wrote:Hm, it's good to get some exposure but I can't help to read it as if the author was looking down on fanedits:

Blair Fischer Wrote:was more than enough to piss off the lightsaber wielding dweebs who’d camped in front of Cineplexes in anticipation of the first Star Wars prequel.
Blair Fischer Wrote:Using The Phantom Edit as an arche type, aspiring filmmakers living in their parents’ basements all over the world
Blair Fischer Wrote:Smart, considering those who are disemboweling Star Wars films are the same people purchasing adult-size Ewok costumes

Sunarep Wrote:Now I know that the penthouse demographic is not 100% the same as the fanedit watcher demographic so maybe those comments are there to appeal to the non-faneditors because it reads like comments thrown into a geeky subject to make the reader feel less geeky

I completely agree. FYI, As reave mentioned in the first post, this is the "maxim article" (original post, here). There was always an attitude of "nerds in their parent's basement" concerning the article. I got the questionnaire from Blair as well, but was kind of put off, so I never continued the dialogue. I was really happy to see blueyoda start f*$king with him.

Yes, it's nice to get exposure, but it's also kind of shitty to continue the macho vs. nerd stereotypes.

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