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Article about Harmy's DeSpecialized Star Wars Trilogy

and related link about the print mentioned in the first article:
Completed ---------------------
Die Hard 2: Terror Storm
Klone (Space Consecution)
True Lies: Straight Faced Edition
Up In The Air: Extended Edition

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Awesome! Thanks.
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Good article but slightly worried for all faneditors if this does become a nuisance to Lucasfilm as it could escalate thier interest in such things.
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Someone at LIL always has their eyes firmly planted on FE and OT. Harmy's project is not something that would qualify for FE, and therefore we'll be OK in that aspect. As far as all the other SW edits go, LFL is seemingly casting a blind or forgiving eye towards us, as long as we maintain our status quo of requiring ownership of the materials used in the fanedit and maintaining strict non-profit work.

We fall into that grey area of Fair Use that allows us to discuss the projects and own them.
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