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Article: FE<3OT
I never even knew there was a little faction of "us vs them" for a long time. Just like DC and Marvel or Star Wars and Star Trek, it never occurred to me that anyone would have to choose sides when we're all really just the same. I certainly don't think of myself as belonging to one or the other, and I'm glad the few that did feel that way strongly don't really seem to be active any more to carry that negativity forwards.

Eff-ee hart Oh-tee. Smile
If memory serves, and I think it does, it was on OT that I first found Rikter Blaksvn quite a few years ago, and it was through him that I got (via snail mail!) copies of the first fanedits I ever saw, MagnoliaFan's Balance of the Force and The Clone War. At the time, I was blown away by how much better those versions were than the originals.

A few years passed, and then I found myself thinking about the edits again. As a film fan in general and Indy fan in particular, I began wondering what other films could be saved through careful editing.

My interest led me here, where I lurked for a while before finally working up the courage to post in ID's fondly-remembered KOTCS: Decontaminated thread. Then jones1899 took up the challenge when ID had to step away from the edit, and the KOTCSJTF thread was born, where my edit-in-progress still resides.

Since coming here, I have learned and am learning a tremendous amount about the art and craft of editing, and I've made some truly great friends. And none of it could have happened without Rikter and OT Smile
Criticism is good. Suggestions are better.
IN THE WORKS (so to speak...): Indiana Jones and the City of Skulls, KOTCS: The Slocombe Lookprint
PLANNING: The Vengeance of Zorro, Tales of the War Doctor: The Bringer of Fire
COMPLETED: The List (Shut Up! Consecution)
ONGOING: Hebrides's Box o' Tutorials
I never created an account for OT but I did frequent there a lot in the past, mostly due to fan films like Ryan vs Dorkman. My first visits to FE started with me finding Kill Bill: the whole bloody affair (I was looking for a japanese cut to replace my R2 DVDs) ended with me giving up because I didn;t understand how the download mechanic worked. And I've still linked to the occasional news over there from time to time, but I am for the most part, a ghost. While reading threads in recent months I've noticed familiar usernames from here. I never knew there was a FE vs OT rivalry. Also, whenever Adywan is spoken of here there is nothing but love and praise for his efforts, no hate displaced.
The OT site is awesome. Maybe some people are splitting hairs concerning every aspect of Star Wars, but well, I do this also (!) and there is no such other place on the net with that level of knowledge and dedication to Star Wars.
I think I first registered there when I worked on my first fanedit (the Silent versions of all Star Wars movies). User Ripplin was one of the first guy over there (and here) to welcome me and helped me a lot back then.
All support from the OT guyz was a real plus for me. Knowing there was interest in my project among SW fans pushed me to go forward and it ended in fanedits I am still proud of.
I have been visiting both sites for quite a while now but never have as much time to spend online as I would like, thankfully I never came across any of these so called "bad seeds" and have always found these two communities very complementary.

I'm all for a statement of solidarity as I always felt it was there anyway despite my unfortunately low level of participation.

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