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Article: And the winner of the 3rd Annual Fanedit Awards Best Extended Edition is...
You can view the page at http://www.fanedit.org/forums/content.ph...tion-is...
Gracious, my bones are aching. Storm's coming on.
Congratulations Elbarto!

Now where is Robocop2?
^ What this guy said! Smile
Awesome job Elbarto!
Congratulations Hombre, well deserved.

Now, bring us something new. Smile
Thanks fellas, wow, a total shock winning for this release, thanks all the same, I am glad some of you enjoyed it Smile Great video L8wrtr! love the awkward ending!!

...R2 is sitting comfortably on my laptop for release sometime between now and never.

Thanks again, and congrats to all the other nominees!
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Congrats Elbarto!

elbarto1 Wrote:...R2 is sitting comfortably on my laptop for release sometime between now and never.

[Image: robocop.gif]
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Well done dude!!
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Well done, elbarto!
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Congrats man!

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