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Article: And the winner of the 3rd Annual Fanedit Awards Best New Faneditor is...
You can view the page at http://www.fanedit.org/forums/content.ph...itor-is...
Gracious, my bones are aching. Storm's coming on.
Doh! Stupid plugin caused a comment deletion! My bad. Confusedad:
Congrats to L8wrtr btw. Well deserved!
Quote:Interesting how I'm mentioned here but not included in the video. :-P

Wonder if this had anything to do with it? :mad:

To reiterate, Congratulations, L8wrtr, Aztek463 made the video, Blueyoda remixed it, and the Best New Faneditor was judged on their first years body of work, not just their firstling edit.
You bring up the message that caused this disaster? Ack!

(But it was an accident, and not intentional. Plugin has been removed to avoid this in the future.)
Congrats L8! Richly deserved.
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Congratulations, L8, you the man :-)

And congratulations to all the nominees!!! Smile
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Meesa want to say congrats to yousa, L8!
Congratulations, L8!
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Saw this coming a mile away Wink Congrats, L8 :-)

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