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Article: Michael Giacchino Tweets his love for Adywan's Star Wars Revisited
I've just received this tweet from Michael Giacchino:

Quote: @adywan - no - thank YOU! Looks like a lot of work, and I told all my Disney/Pixar friends about it. Great job adywan.
beyond awesome!!!!
HOLY COW! That is... well what Throw said!
"Always in motion is the future"
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Verreh nahce!
Very cool, Ady. Some well deserved praise. So now maybe you'll get a job in the industry that could use your skills. Don't forget us and OT when you're famous. ;-)
Gracious, my bones are aching. Storm's coming on.
Indeed, such a landing would be well deserved, but of course we've all been saying that for quite a while. And yes, don't forget your roots when you're big and famous.. or, bigger and more famouserer
WOW!! what everybody has said. Wish you all the luck in the world, fingers crossed.

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