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Chat Room
We've moved back to an IRC chat room though this time it's integrated. Try it out and tell us what you think!
Chatroom dosnt seem to show up on the side of the home page anymore, has it gone, or been moved?
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The new IRC chatroom can't utilize that sidebar. Different program and there is none at the moment I can find. If one shows up it will be added.
The chatroom was working for me yesterday, but not today. I would like to set mIRC up so I can use that. What is the server and channel name?

It started working again, so I figured it out. Smile
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reave Wrote:02-02-2013, 04:47 PM: A little birdie told me that tons of fanedits are going to be on Usenet very soon.
Im in Smile
You're out
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That's what he and she said.
So...why can't I log in? I assume it's the same login as for FE?
Are you getting a specific error message?
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Username or Password Incorrect.

It's probably the same damn issue with the apostrophe that I have on IFDB.

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