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If there were a Star Wars Sequel Trilogy...
How about no.

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The conecpt of a sequel trilogy used to be the most exciting thing imaginable.... Now it makes me feel slightly ill knowing what they would do to it. The prequels and Indy 4 have convinced me that these movies should be left alone... Until George dies, then have David Fincher, Chris Nolan, JJ Abrams or James Cameron direct a new trilogy. That I would go and see.
I woudl love to see a sequel trilogy with Mark Hamill coming back and Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford (even if Carrie and Harrison have cameos). I beleive Mark coudl tkae most of the lead in Episode VII with him training Leia's kids in teh force and a new enemy comes along. I can see it now a beaded Hamill (similar to Guiness) teaching the kids in the force, great space battles, air of mystery to it.....but then I think back to most of the prequels with its CGI, bad acting, structure and not sure I would want Lucas to do it. If however, Lucas was on as executive producer and handed the directing regins over, asked for help with the writing and used a lot more real sets and environments then I def woudl love to see it.

Lucas says now that the saga is complete but even if not called "Episode VII", maybe it could be a sequel to Star Wars ie. not called "Star Wars" but something else, or to market it use the Star Wars name but with no Epsisode VII just a title.
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So, as you all may have heard, Disney bought Lucasfilm and Star Wars episode 7 is set to be released in 2015. In honor of such an occasion, I have one thing to say.


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