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Star Wars Complete Saga Blu Ray $48 at Barnes and Noble with coupon until 4/3
For all those fan editors waiting for the Blu Ray set, this is your big shot to get them at the LOWEST possible price!

Know that this is a "secret deal" and it is not a good idea to call ahead to the store and/or ask any sales associate or manager at Barnes and Noble about this deal - JUST GO IN AND TRY IT! It may not work in all stores and for everyone, but I know many of you will luck out... If anyone deserves the best price on these flicks, it is certainly this community!

Full details at the below link, but the basics are:
1. Go to the below link and download the 50% off in-store coupon - pick the one for you - either the "non-member" coupon (most people) or the member one (this is a paid annual club - you will know if this is the coupon for you). Print it and CUT OUT THE COUPON so no 50% off words are on it (it is supposed to be a "secret discount")
2. Bring the coupon to a local Barnes & Noble and go to the customer service desk.
3. Let the associate know that you would like to pre-order a Blu Ray from their web site - DO NOT MENTION ANYTHING ABOUT THE COUPON YET.
4. They will search the online system - you are looking for the Star Wars Saga Blu Ray - its price will show up as $125 initially, and the release date will be marked as 2025
Believe it or not, THAT IS THE ONE YOU WANT! Pre order it and have it shipped to your home (shipping will first appear on the printout they give you-this will be discounted later). If they are hesitant to let you pre order it due to the 2025 date, just politely ask them "can we just give it a shot and see if it will work?" Wink
5. They will ask you for your email - I HIGHLY recommend you create a login at their web site for free before you goto a store - this will make you appear in their system, and you will seem far more legit. (it seems that if you are not in the system, the coupon may not deduct the full 50%)
6. You will not pay at this point - they will hand you a printout - the price on this printout I believe will be the correct price that they are selling it for online - $89. Make sure that you get the online price at this point. It will also have a $4 shipping free on this paper. Take the paper over to the cashier.
7. Give them the printout first. They will scan it, and they should manually remove the shipping fee (if not gently remind them to). NOW HAND OVER THE COUPON. Do not mention anything about it being for 50% off - they will scan it, and they may be shocked that you have one of the very rare 50% off coupons so be ready to act very surprised!!! LOL The price for the full set should drop to about $48 including shipping and tax.
8. There is a possibility that you may get a very anal register clerk that will read the fine print on the coupon, and if they do, they may read that no pre orders are eligible , and then that will be end of line for you at that store.. unless you want to use it for another book or movie they have in-stock...
9. For the lucky, you will hand over your credit card with a happy grin, they will swipe, and you will sign like a winning Charlie Sheen, and then they will hand you a lovely receipt with living proof of your incredible buy - and you will then wait until 9/16 for your 9 disc treasure to arrive...

By the way, it will also work with the other two blu ray sets (original trilogy and prequel).

And yes, it already worked for me Big Grin

Good Luck - here is the link!
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