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Welcome to our newest Moderator, TV's Frink
I for one welcome our new overlord and would like to take this opportunity to remind him that I can be useful in the rounding up of others to toil in the underground sugar caves.
[Image: HailFrink.jpg]
Completed ---------------------
Die Hard 2: Terror Storm
Klone (Space Consecution)
True Lies: Straight Faced Edition
Up In The Air: Extended Edition

[Image: https://images.fanedit.org/images/FE%3C3...nature.png]
The site hasn't exploded yet, so I guess Frank is doing ok so far! Wink
Duct tape holds it all together.
Gracious, my bones are aching. Storm's coming on.
When I saw this thread bumped and reave was the last to post, I figured I had been fired.

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