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Showgirls Recut Trailer
Hey there everyone,

Thought I'd pass my recut trailer for Showgirls (using the Inception trailer music) on to the Fanediting community!

Be warned: NSFW! ...unless the people at your office are cool. This is an recut trailer for Showgirls. The film is rated NC-17. This trailer has nudity galore.

Reason for the edit:
It's been said that the Inception trailer music (Mind Heist by Zack Hemsey) can make any movie seem better. So I dove into the deep, dark depths of cinema in search of great bad movie in order to see if this theory was true. I'm incredibly pleased to report, after a few hours of editing, the Inception trailer music does, in fact, make any movie seem better.

Actually, my recut trailer sort of draws to surface the themes and ideas that director Paul Verhoeven and writer Joe Eszterhas really wanted to convey -- the film is a visually alluring camp-fest seasoned with silly dialogue, bizarre images and a skewed Christ parable. Well played, gentlemen.

Credit to MGM/Fox for the film. If this trailer whets your appetite, buy the movie! It's on Blu-ray now, too! Credit also goes to Zack Hemsey for composing such a masterful song. And to Christopher Nolan and Warner Brothers for being awesome and introducing the world to Mind Heist in the trailer for Inception.

Showgirls Special Edition DVD (MGM), Mind Heist mp3 (composed, recorded, and mixed by Zack Hemsey in association with PUSHER LLC), Tropic Thunder trailer for Red Band logo

AVS Video Converter, Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9

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~R.L. Shaffer
This isn't really a news item.
Wasn't exactly sure where it fit best. Just wanted to share it with the community.
Check out DVDFuture.com for news, reviews on everything from theatrical releases to DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray

~R.L. Shaffer
Honestly, looking at the forum again, I'm not sure it isn't a news item after all. I didn't think this was the place for personal projects, but I see Wraith's Indy trailer announcement is here too...so never mind!
Great trailer to a bad movie! Big Grin
That was sick as f*ck. Awesome!
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I don't know how I just stumbled onto this but that last line is hilarious!
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