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TV's Frink's Guide To Sensible Posting (Or: How Not To Be A Target)
TV's Frink Wrote:It was a tough one. Took me just about a full year. Wink

You ain't gettin' paid to lollygag Mister!
Semi-related (and funny):

Updated both OP and Global Announcement:

Quote:1f) Basically, this:

^ LOVED it!!!! :lol:
"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
^^ "familiarize"... glass houses Al, glass houses :-P.

Whoever animated the video is a genius btw. I was thinking "Unless your name is Prince" before he even sang it :-D.
TM2YC Wrote:^^ "familiarize"... glass houses Al, glass houses :-P.
Nothing wrong with from where I'm standing.
DominicCobb Wrote:Nothing wrong with from where I'm standing.

I'm standing a further 4 thousand miles away, which would explain it :-D.

So nice to now have a video and lyric to accompany that infectious tune, that isn't offensive on every level imaginable. Now I can enjoy it too Smile.
bump, because apparently more people need to read this.
I wish I had the energy to finish the write-up.

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