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Man of Steel (2013)
Bats = creepy; ergo, cool. Thus, Batman = cool-man.

Brain: pink, soft... not cool. Brainiac: uncool nerd.

I'm a big fan of the Jack Kirby's "Fourth World" stories from the 70s. They're possibly the best DC stories ever and pretty much the defining moments of DC universe mythos since they're still retelling the same basic story of Darkseid vs Metron/Orion/Superman et al when they're out to make a big multiverse-spanning epic (Final Crisis was the last one). But one thing is reading about a world called Apokolips and its ruler Darkseid, another is asking actual actors to say it out loud.

I think that's one of the reasons we will probably never see a truly good Superman film. Superman 1 was decent, 2 is slightly better, but none of them come close to what's so good about stories like All-Star Superman, Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?, the Fourth World stories or even old-school Brainiac fare. There's a pathos to the classic Superman stories that's hard to pin down in films, and no one has really tried (except, strangely, Bryan Singer (who tried, but failed miserably)). It's supposed to be silly, but not necessarily camp. It's full of pathos, but not really all that sentimental. It's supposed to be religious, but only implied. It's supposed to have weird, but extremely consistent character motivations. Superman should be Clark Kent as much as Kal-El. But most importantly a truly good Supes film has to be super-silly whilst believing that silliness to be the most important thing in the world.

I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see the Nolans getting any of this. Except the pathos; they do pathos well (Alfred burning the letter was the highlight of The Dark Knight for me).
Supes 2 better than 1?!? I have no words. :-o
Maybe not the theatrical. But a hybrid cut of Donner and Lester versions (like ADM's) is better than the first film, partly because Hackman's Luthor sucks ass (not really his own fault) and partly because the real estate scheme and the time reversal are terrible plots. I prefer Zod, who was well acted and written like a villain from the comics. Also, the Smallville sequence is underwhelming at best, while I like stuff like the Niagara Falls scenes of the second film.

Anwyay, that wasn't really the point of my post.
I know, but you can't control the flow of a discussion, you just gotta hold on and try to stay in the boat. Wink

It was just the thing that caught my eye, (metaphorically) that's all. It's good though, because now I have the right context for your opinions on what makes for a good Superman film. I respectfully disagree that silliness needs to be an important facet of it. But I'm also someone who enjoys almost all of the Clark scenes in Superman III, so take that as you will. Wink
True about the flow, I didn't mean to try to control anything. I should have put a smiley in there. Smile

I guess what I'm saying is that mix of silliness and pathos is tougher than it seems. I think some of the comics get it right, but I don't think the films ever did despite Reeve - and Routh! - being very good.
theslime Wrote:I think that's one of the reasons we will probably never see a truly good Superman film.
Aye; I much prefer many of the better early (by which I mean S1-2) Smallvilles to the features...
Anyone heard the news?

Laurence Fishburne Will Play Perry White In Man Of Steel

Plus heres a first look at Cavill as Supes:

[Image: 1312466844.jpg]

Not my most anticipated movie but its shaping up good so far...
Love the suit. Faithful in all the ways it should be. And a very regal cape. Cool.

Fishburne...meh. I can't even care enough to decide whether I care or not. Smile
I came online to post the suit, but damn, havok Smile
I think the suit is goddamn freaking awesome, and I love how the first pic is already one of Superman displaying more action than most of the entire Superman Returns film.
I always had a small hope for Zack Snyder, but this is wham, bam!, expectations through the roof! Smile

EDIT: Screw it, I'll post it again, 'cause my pic is bigger than yours :lol:
[Image: manofsteelsupermanbig.jpg]

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