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Man of Steel (2013)
not a twilight fan, reave?
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reave Wrote:Well, a major bullet has been dodged (or out-ran, if you will). Kristen Stewart was apparently one of the actresses being considered for the part of Lois Lane. Thank the Gods, she has been eliminated as an option. Boring, lifeless and scrawny are not the traits of Lois, and I think that's all Stewart is capable of.

For a second there I thought you were talking about the chick from Third Rock From The Sun. :lol: I had to IMDB Kristen Stewart because I had no idea who she was. Good thing they've decided not to go with her. Lois Lane needs to be played by somebody pretty and Kristen Stewart is far from that. :yuck:
elbarto1 Wrote:not a twilight fan, reave?

Since he has testicles... Smile
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Take the following with a grain of salt:

[URL="http://movies.ign.com/articles/115/1150367p1.html"]Is Snyder's Superman in Trouble?
The reboot's allegedly plagued by script problems[/URL]
can't say i like the look of sucker punch nor was i excited by the news he was going to do superman. the problem i have with zynder is that he's style over substance, Legend of the Guardians was one of the best looking animated films but boy it was boring, watchmen had it's moments but overall i was a disappointed, 300 and dawn are his best films for me.

you just know that if he doe's superman were gonna have 30mins of the film taken up with bloody slow-mo shots
Despite what I thought about Brandon Rough, he was good in Returns (could play both Sup and Clark convincingly... enough) and would probably be even better now, with few more years.

PS: Damn, I really need a Nolan or an Aronofsky (the next Wolverine) to get me (a bit) exited about superheroes these days.
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elbarto1 Wrote:not a twilight fan, reave?

it's funny you mention this, according the recent shortlist Magazine, Cavill was Meyer's ideal candidate to play Edward in the films, I'd say he dodged a bullet on that one though.
I am really liking how this cast is shaping up.

Diane Lane as Ma Kent.
Kevin Costner as Pa Kent.

and today they announced AMY ADAMS as Lois Lane!

Interestingly, Adams guest starred on Smallville as a Meteor Freak back in the first season.

I just hope Snyder can ride out the negative storm Sucker Punch is experiencing, as I really believe he can pull off an amazing Superman movie if the Studio does not lose faith in him.
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‘Boardwalk Empire’ Star Michael Shannon Cast As General Zod In Zack Snyder’s ‘Superman’

Right, so are we never going to get a big screen Brainiac like Kevin Smith proposed back in the day???
Not so long as his name is "Brainiac", no.

I love Supes, but he's got the worst rogues gallery every: Brainiac, Metallo, Mr. Msdkjh (no, I'm not going to look the spelling up), Darkseid... the only decent ones are Lex, Zod and Doomsday.

Frankly, I was hoping they'd just invent a Transformers knockoff. Superman vs. Transformers. Done.

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