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Man of Steel (2013)
Henry Cavill Is The New Superman
Never heard of him.
He was in The Tudors as Suffolk.
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He was also the son in The Count of Monte Cristo.
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Never saw either of those. Just checked his IMDB page and I haven't seen anything he's done.
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His role in The Tudors was great IMO, Suffolk was one of my favorite characters in that series; if only he had gotten the Green Lantern gig instead I wouldn't be dreading its release...
I just hope it's better than "Returns"...

And when are they going to wake up to a "World's Finest" movie?

I really liked returns, it felt like a spiritual successor to the originals. I hope that zach snyders "style" does the film good rather than bog it down.

IMO supes has always been a classic type film (production-wise) that leaned more on emotion and story than whizbang effects/slo mo/etc that seems to define snyders trademark style.

Dont get me wrong, hes good, and his reverence for comic book material like watchmen and 300 was most pleasing, but I wonder if he really is the best man for the job here.
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Well, a major bullet has been dodged (or out-ran, if you will). Kristen Stewart was apparently one of the actresses being considered for the part of Lois Lane. Thank the Gods, she has been eliminated as an option. Boring, lifeless and scrawny are not the traits of Lois, and I think that's all Stewart is capable of.
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