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Article: Adywan Releases Empire Revisited Clip
f%^& yeah!!
elbarto1 Wrote:wow. seeing them side by side really helped me out, because i just plain dont watch the SE's. amazing work indeed. what a craftsman.

And keep in mind, that comparison is just the visual, the SE version is still AFTER having been re-cut to match the original dialogue, the dialogue of the SE is just gawd-awful
Something is off to me in the clip. It's nicer than the SE and the original, but it still needs some work. :flame:
reave Wrote:Something is off to me in the clip. It's nicer than the SE and the original, but it still needs some work. :flame:

The lip movement isn't quite in sync. And what footage is he using here? It's not the SE footage and it's not the OT footage. So what's he using?
It's obviously a mix between the 2004 version and some footage from ROTJ, to recreate the ROTJ aspect of the face.
I dont mind the little sync problem, I think it's "good enough", as would said George Lucas! Wink
Of course if it could be make better, it would be nice.
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Sheesh, you guys should read the ot.com thread so I don't have to do all the work Wink

Quote:and on both youtube and facebook i state that the audio is only temporary. I won't even begin to touch the audio track until the video side of things is 100% complete
Sorry, haven't browsed that [SIZE=7]little[/SIZE] thread in a while. Audio aside, the video could use some tweaking too. I'm sure he will make it better, but at this point it's not where it needs to be.
You're an adult. Just cope.
imo it's already 1,000,000,000,000,000 times better than the SE bastardized failure. I don't care about the lips being in perfect sync as the holographic communication has never been perfectly in visual sync, it's always slightly off, twitchy and jumpy.
the empire needs to upgrade their communications infrastructure methinks. or ffs just spring for an unlimited dataplan Wink
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I was late to the party on watching ANH Revisited all the way through. That was stupid. The Death Star battle? Mind. Blown.

I've always thought Empire had no need for improvement, but maybe I was wrong, Ady's work looks amazing on this!
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