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Say Goodbye to Component HD on Blu-Ray Players
The article is just trying to get people in an uproar as usual. Unless I'm mistaken, the ICT flag has been in place for the life of HD discs and it has yet to be set on any title.
Quote:Any new Blu-ray player announced after January 1st 2011 will only output HD via HDMI
ICT flags won't matter either way if the player won't output HD.
That's true. But that is very likely a cost saving measure. The added circuitry to provide component output is an additional cost, and since ALL new TV's have HDMI inputs, component is a non issue. The reason they were available to begin with is because not ALL TV's available when the players were first created had HDMI. Times change.

My comment was aimed at the thought that the flag would be set making ALL players with component outputs obsolete...and that is NOT the case.
I'm not sure how you can know that for sure.

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