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Changes to In-The-Works
For those of you who frequent the In-The-Works forum, you'll notice some slight modifications.

I have created two new Sub-Forums; COMPLETED Archives, and INACTIVE Archives.

Basically that forum was getting too bloated with abandoned threads. All threads for edits that have been completed have been moved into the quite logically named COMPLETED Archive Sub-Forum.

In-The-Works threads that have had no activity for the past 6 months have been moved to the INACTIVE Archive Sub-Forum. Threads in this Sub-Forum cannot be posted to, and at the beginning of every month we will look at the In-The-Works forum and move anything that hasn't had activity in the previous 6 months.

If a FanEditor would like to activate his/her thread he/she can contact anyone on the PM staff and we will move it back into the active forum.

This was done in a large migration so it is possible that some threads which were really 'completed' but never locked were inadvertently moved into the Inactive bucket. If you see or know of one let me know and I'll move it. Otherwise I'll look through it at a more relaxed pace and look for any thread that slipped into the wrong bucket.

We hope that this change will help keep the In-The-Works forum a more useful and easy-to-navigate portion of the Forum overall.
great idea!

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