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FanEdit.org Announcement
When the new administrators took over FanEdit.org months ago none of us knew how big an impact the site would have on our lives. The decision to move to new software was a big one, and one that we’re pleased with. And yet, it hasn’t been an easy transition, and has taken longer than originally anticipated.

Phase One was to move forums over to the new software first. Over the last couple of months we’ve had a lot of great input and have tweaked the functionality and design. Yet the forum has remained separate from FanEdit.org, something we decided early on we wanted to remedy.

Phase Two is almost upon us. We are pleased to announce that on January 3, 2011 we will be unveiling the new and improved FanEdit.org. It works hand-in-hand with the forum software and allows us to have greater integration and make the site unified.

Once that is complete we will begin Phase Three. We will be asking for everyone to be patient as during this phase FanEdit.org will be referencing the old site for a 1-2 month duration. While not ideal it will greatly simplify the process for us and ensure we aren’t spending even longer on the migration process.

We would like to take a moment to thank the users who have helped test out the new site: AvP, Aztek463, DwightFry78, n0march, ThrowgnCpr, tranzor, and TV’s Frink. Your input has been invaluable to us.

There have been many hiccups and headaches along the way, but it was all worth it to bring you a new site, with many great functions.[SIZE=1]
Fantastic work so far guys. I can't wait until the world gets to see the while shebang!
Want teasing screengrabs!
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Cactus Wrote:Want teasing screengrabs!
No problem! Here's a picture of Frink after he checked out the new site.

[Image: Professor_Frink.jpg]

In all seriousness, I think you guys will be really impressed.
will it be snowing there too?
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Well done guys, you all do a great job!!
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Ahhh The Cuttlefish & Asparagus or The Vanilla Paste?
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killbillme Wrote:will it be snowing there too?

At the moment it is.
Great work!
killbillme Wrote:will it be snowing there too?
thunderclap Wrote:At the moment it is.
But somehow, the snow over there seems better.

Cactus Wrote:Want teasing screengrabs!

Do you really want the surprise ruined?

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