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My Apology to Everyone on FE.org
Before I begin, this is Vengeance. I came to this forum originally about three years ago and I need to apologise to everyone here.

When I came here, I had so many ideas and so many plans on what I could do. My Star Trek: Phase II thread went on for pages and pages with nothing to show for it. And so did many other threads; I spoke about what I wanted to do and didn't do any of it.
Eventually, I started to put my work online; slowly but surely. I loved it. I thought it was perfect, the best thing I had ever done and the best thing out there. People gave me advice on how to improve and I ignored them. I didn't want to be told how my work could be improved - I thought it was the best out there. But it wasn't. I look back on it today and see so many errors.
And so it became a continuous cycle of me uploading bad work, it being rejected, people offering me advice on how to improve and me ignoring them. I wish I hadn't done this so much.
After awhile, I started to get down due to the negative reviews and chose to leave FE.org. I didn't see that people were trying to help me. I just saw that my work wasn't good enough.
I came back with a new edit at the beginning of last year and again, thought it was perfect. It wasn't. And still, I refused to accept the help that was offered to me. After getting a bad review on that last edit, I didn't come back again, and stayed away from the site until now.

I now realise that so many people were offering to help me. They showed me so much compassion and offered to help me improve my work but I simply couldn't see that. I wanted to be told my work was great and excellent and let it be left at that. Maybe I was too young or immature but whatever it was - it was the wrong attitude to have.
So I've come back and now I'm ready to accept people's opinions, positive or negative. I'm willing to accept the help of this brilliant community if they are still willing to give it to me. But before I do, I simply have to apologise to everyone I have rejected help from. If I accepted your help earlier, perhaps my work may have improved sooner.
So, please let me say that I am so very sorry to everyone who tried to help me who I rejected help from. And if you're still willing to help me, I am now willing to listen.

Yours Sincerely,

Vengeance, aka Neuros
welcome back, vengeance. Nice and open words. Let a new era begin and learn from the past.
I am a bit disappointed that my history on fanedit.org is nowhere mentioned anymore. It was 5 years of my life.
Don't worry friend. It's a tough room. Welcome back.
Ken Poirier Wrote:Don't worry friend. It's a tough room. Welcome back.

Umm... thread is 5 years old.
Q2 Wrote:Umm... thread is 5 years old.

Yeah, but his new release of Pegasus said first thing to read this before reading the rest of the fanedit thread. So I was letting him know I read it.

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