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Forum Glitches
When logging out of the forum you might see an error message. This is nothing to worry about. We are experimenting with a program for the new review system, and this program is causing the this glitch. (Thanks to Rogue-theX for bringing this to my attention.)

If you go you "My Profile" the graphics are broken. This is due to an incompatibility of the latest version of the software and the style we are using.

Neither glitch is threatening the stability of the forum, just causes ugliness. Please be patient while we work on these issues.
You can now choose a new theme if you want. Scroll to the bottom of the forum and from the drop down select Blackstealth. Any glitches you may see in the current theme (Fanedit.org) should be gone. This theme will probably become default with the final migration of FE.org which is planned for early January.
I'm lovin teh Blackstealth!
It's much more responsive and actually brighter and less claustrophobic than the fanedit.org theme.
Seems to me that the names are reversed... :-D
yes, very nice job thunder. looks very sharp.
i guess we can start designing banners for this skin?
so glad most of my banners work... except for the... hehe... thin red line. hey i was working within the medium.
i get a feeling that the main site's launch is fast approaching!!! should we hold off until the new year? wouldn't that be fun?
happy new 2011 and here's a new main site!!!
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Wow...the Welcome box is gone. Confusedhock: Fantastic job, Thunder! :clap2:
Umm...my monitor is snowing? seriously that is pretty cool : )
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ummmm.... you took the words right out of my mouth Smile
the snow is following my curser!!!!
[FONT="Century Gothic"][SIZE="3"]"You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'" - George Bernard Shaw.[/SIZE][/FONT]
Love the Blackstealth overall, but is anyone else having trouble with the banners covering the login boxes? I'm often on a shared computer, so I clear all my private data every time I close Firefox, which means I have to log in every time.

Oh, and I just noticed that the snow actually stops and "melts" when it reaches the bottom of the browser window. Too cool!
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