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Welcome to the New Fanedit.org Forum! (again...)
As many of you are now aware we suffered a massive database break due to [my] human error. Everything SHOULD be back to the way they were with the exception of avatars: for some reason I can't get those imported, so I leave it to you to re-import your own avatars.

As before, you need to reset your password. You may do so by clicking here.

If you do not receive an e-mail within 5 minutes be sure to check your spam/junk folders as it may land in there. If they are not there e-mail us and we will manually get you set up.

We (I) apologize for the headache this may have caused within the last 24 hours. Hopefully all problems have been resolved and you can start enjoying the new forums.

Finally, if you do encounter any bugs/glitches post them in this thread.
Yeah I'm the first person to comment on the new forum Yippee! (I need to get a life! lol)

Hold on... haven't I said this before?Wink
no you sure haven't Wink
[Image: cat.jpg]
I am a bit disappointed that my history on fanedit.org is nowhere mentioned anymore. It was 5 years of my life.
What's going on? I have had to reset my password twice in the last day or two. At one time, the old style forum was back. Now this new black style. I'm worried and confused. Smile
I guess it's every time we switch from old to new that there needs to be a reset, now everything looks fine love the forum guys, really great - will fanedit.org and fanedit.info get similar treamtents? btw what's up with the stars next to some threads? Is there now a member rating for threads?
Things I'd kill for:
1. Saw footage without blur filters
2. Shared Dark Tower movie universe

In a nuttshell: I accidentally deleted deleted some users that had hundreds if not thousands of posts. When I went to replace the database with the backup copy it turned out to be an incomplete backup this rendering the database unreadable. Then when I went to reimport everything the program got stuck in a loop causing many hours of grief for me. Once I figured out it was in a loop I managed to stop it and get everything reimported.

Database is backed up daily now and the import program has been removed so we shouldn't have any more issues. Wink
boon23 Wrote:no you sure haven't Wink

heheheBig Grin

In my usual way I agreed to something without knowing what the hell I agreed to lol. So, ummm, can someone please explain what the little facebook icon in the top right hand corner does? Because apparently I linked my facebook account to it lol.
That's what that button does. You can either register to the site using your Facebook (new users) or you can link to your FB account. If you want to unlink it go into your settings.
Cool, so it's a registration thing. Thanks.Smile
Oh, is THAT what that's for? Right.
Editing something.

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