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Top Ten Trilogies
I thought it would be cool to have a Top Ten Trilogy thread, here's mine:
1. The Lord of the Rings
2. Bourne
3. Toy Story
4. Star Wars
5. The Godfather
6. Indiana Jones
7. The Dollars Trilogy
8. Back to the Future
9. Mad Max
10. Evil Dead

That's mine for the moment :lol:
I'd say that, if you remove the third, the "1-2-4" Rambo trilogy is Great too.
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Do Star Wars and Indy really still count as trilogies these days?
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Uncanny Antman Wrote:Do Star Wars and Indy really still count as trilogies these days?

the prequels do not exist...

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Then neither do I...

FatherMerrin, do you dislike Matrix?
terminator 1..2...damn
predator 1...2....damn
alien 1...2...3...woohoo!....4....damn
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elbarto1 Wrote:terminator 1..2...damn
predator 1...2....damn
alien 1...2...3...woohoo!....4....damn

Matrix 1... damn... FUCK
what other trilogies did not make the top ten? I mean which trilogy is number 20? or 30?
it's a weird top ten when you can't think of any more than ten trilogies! At least I can't! Sad
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Simpsons Season 1-9...damn...double damn...

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