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Random TV Show Thoughts
This thread is for anything that you have to say about tv shows in general or in case the tv show you want to talk about doesn´t earn its own thread.

For example:

This year´s 24 season. I really like my dose of jack bauer. and i really liked last season although tony story line was a bit pathetic. but this season so far?

- a paper thin plot in general (mixing various ingredients from previous seasons in a bowl: moslemic bad guys (again, really?), evil russians, undercover extravaganzas (kiefer speaking german was very embarrassing)) without any real climax

- stupid back story of renee which goes completely against her character developement in last season (last season: virgin fbi bureaucrate got sucked into a mayhem of violence and terror; this season: went undercover with the russian mob six years ago?)

- Katee Sackhoff story line: it is so bad it´s not even worth talking about! they cast a famous tv actress and give her such a lame part? she changed her name a few years back and was wanted for something (nobody cares about at all) and got a job at ctu? no way! did she get the job cos of her looks (first few episodes she went all body shirt in ctu where everyone wears at least something with long sleeves)

- Who´s the bad guy? Jürgen Prochnow was kind of used up too early. who´s left? only second grade thugs...

- stupid science fiction stuff like doors that open up like doors in a spaceship and wall-size monitors

i guess this season didn´t have it from the start and it´s loosing the rest on the way...
As long as the sexy agent Walker is back I'm in.
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she might be back but she´s a total wreck!

and until now she looked in almost every scene as if she just saw two trains collide and has to process the images...
yesterday i was in the store and wasn´t sure on buying the season 1 dvd box of "breaking bad". critics on tv.com are quit good.

any opinion on this show? is it worth buying? do you think it has some seasons still to come?
A Chuck fanedit called Agent Sarah Walker would be much better than the TV show.

I just started watching 30 Rock recently and I'm already in season 3.
I LOVE Tina Fey!
And Alec Baldwin... HILARIOUS. When the hell did he get so damn funny?
zeppelinrox Wrote:A Chuck fanedit called Agent Sarah Walker would be much better than the TV show.

I just started watching 30 Rock recently and I'm already in season 3.
I LOVE Tina Fey!
And Alec Baldwin... HILARIOUS. When the hell did he get so damn funny?

I completely concur. :-P
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zeppelinrox Wrote:When the hell did he get so damn funny?
He's been funny for ages. SNL was just about the only place that would let him be, though.
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absolutely. 30 rock is brilliant. the missus and i just saw the last episode of season 4. it doesn´t stop being funny.

and yes alec baldwin. the whole first season i sat there in constant surprise about how funny that guy is...

oh and kenneth is great and of course Dotcom...
The BBC series Life, which aired last year in the UK - narrated by the brilliant David Attenborough - will be making its way to the USA this year on the Discovery Channel.

Guess what, they are fucking us AGAIN - hard. Just like the nonsense decision to replace Attenborough's narration with Sigourney Weaver for American audiences (nothing against Ms. Weaver, but come on...), they once again remove the wonderful Attenborough from the new series. with fucking Oprah!!! yes, Oprah.

why have someone who has spent their life traveling the Earth tell you about life on the planet, when you can have fucking Oprah tell you all about it? :evil:

reason #547 why I don't have cable TV, and I just buy DVDs
I hate Oprah.
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