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Random movie thoughts
So you thought 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' was Sean Connery's last movie? That's forgetting about this unbelievably awful and cheap looking film where he voices a skateboarding grandpa:

It looks like the sort of thing that should be on RLM's Best of the Worst.
I found out about Sir Billi a couple years ago.

Apparently there was a controversy in Scotland where people were mad because Brave was more popular than the actually Scottish Sir Billi.
Mega Man is best game. 
Gawd. That animation looks like it would've been cutting edge in the early '90s, pre-Toy Story.
Deconstruction without reconstruction is destruction.
What da fak. I thought Sean Connery said:
Quote:I thought long and hard about it and if anything could have pulled me out of retirement it would have been an Indiana Jones film.[...] But in the end, retirement is just too damned much fun. 

So Indiana Jones 4 wasn't enough for getting out of retirement, yet Sir Billi was?

[Image: giphy.gif]
He probably didn't have to leave home to do the voice-over work.
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I'm not sure whether to be impressed or appalled that the new blu-ray cover of The Squeeze, a 1987 Michael Keaton movie that apparently exists, retains the original poster image. Maybe a bit of both?

[Image: 232398_medium.jpg]
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