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Random movie thoughts
This actually makes me really want to see this movie...

[Image: jared-leto-matthew-mcconaughey-dallas-bu...-focus.jpg]

Watched 'Dallas Buyers Club' today. It fully deserves all the awards and praise. It's one of those rare movies where 2 hours slips buy in an instant without a single check of the watch.

It's not fully perfect though. Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto are outstanding as expected (Also Steve Zahn is great as usual) but Jennifer Garner is just a bit meh. She isn't actively bad and doesn't spoil the movie but in a film this good, she seems out of her depth a little. An actress of the calibre of say Jessica Chastain, would have totally owned the role.

Also there were a couple of points that felt... odd... where information seemed to be missing, or glossed over. It was disapointing to watch the 5 minutes of deleted material right afterwards and find those missing pieces right there. So characters talk about and react to specific events that don't actually appear in the finished movie. Very odd and probably a candidate for an extended edition.
^ I've been meaning to watch that, but yeah, I really don't care at all for Jennifer Garner. She doesn't have the chops.
ThrowgnCpr Wrote:^ I've been meaning to watch that, but yeah, I really don't care at all for Jennifer Garner. She doesn't have the chops.
Bite your tongue. You clearly haven't watched 13 Going On 30.
Gracious, my bones are aching. Storm's coming on.
reave Wrote:Bite your tongue. You clearly haven't watched 13 Going On 30.

Or the totally serious (?) fanedit.
Pacific Rimming needs no commentary.

Welp, someone saw the Atonement poster:

[Image: Atonement-Poster-atonement-267165_1240_930.jpg]

[Image: Testament-of-Youth-UK-Quad-Poster--1024x768.jpg]

Despite my admiration for Alicia Vikander, and love of British history, this really doesn't look much good at all.
TM2YC Wrote:Despite the widespread critical-acclaim, multiple Oscar and Bafta nominations (and an Oscar win for the script) there was something about the trailers that put me off seeing 'The Imitation Game' (I almost, almost, went to see it). I'm glad I didn't waste my money on it because I recently viewed another person's copy and it's really and truly terrible, at best... and a f**king travesty at worst ;-).

Quote: Could it be fanfixed? I'm not sure, maybe. You'd have to cut a lot. But I'd like to see someone try, as Alan Turing deserves better than this doggerel.

I knew nothing about Turing going into the movie & I thought it was reasonably entertaining. Something nagged me about it though, the cross cutting between time periods makes the script seem complex on the surface but really it's shallow and contrived. Then I started reading the articles pointing out all the distortions and misrepresentations and turns out almost all the big plot points are invented fluff. It's a cheap cheat and another case of truth being more interesting than fiction.

So could it be fanedited? Some of the inventions could be edited out like all the Soviet spy stuff but you're still left with Cumberbatch playing an autistic when Turing was not. I dunno, I doubt it.
Brumous Wrote:you're still left with Cumberbatch playing an autistic when Turing was not.

I don't think you can say that for sure.

Rewatched 1999's 'Deep Blu Sea' Blu-Ray for the first time in years. Still a big hunk of fun :-) but also a bit depressing.

Being a 90s movie it's a mixture of traditional FX (80%) and CGI (20%). The traditional FX look like some of the best ever shot, they are impossible to tell from the real shark footage. Even on the behind the scenes docs they look real. There is no angle where they don't look right. They built fullsize radio controlled animatronic Sharks that could swim around independantly. When the actors arrived for the first day, they only realised they were puppets swimming by, when the guy with the handset told them.

Then there is the CGI. Oh man it is bad :oops:. I doubt it would even be acceptable in a Syfy TV movie nowadays. All of the 20% CGI shots in 'Deep Blue Sea' could have been done practicly (They even say so on the docs) but it would have been harder, more expensive, or more dangerous. So now the movie forever looks a bit rubbish in places. The lesson learned was clearly do everything with CGI. So yeah the depressing part is that we've had 15 years of fake-ass CGI movies since then. When in 1999 we had FX artists creating perfection :-(.

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