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Random movie thoughts
If you type in the title of a movie into this Cinetrii site: https://www.cinetrii.com/ it will instantly tell you all the films influenced by it and ones that were an influence on it. I think it's based on an AI analysing reviews for mentions of comparisons, or something. You can select results to be Older/Newer/Both. It's pretty good but does come back with many aberrations. e.g. ET was not an influence on Mac & Me Big Grin.
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I've not yet gotten into 3D blu-rays, but I've never said I wouldn't. And I was appalled to discover, last night, that the Terminator 2 3D remastering never got a North American release. The best I could find was a region-free import from Asia, but with shipping, it'd cost $60.

I guess the best solution, therefore, is to get the European Region 2 disc for a sane $22 or so, then play it on a computer blu-ray drive with region-bypassing software... assuming, of course, one even has a computer blu-ray drive to begin with. Hmph. Dodgy
The perhaps 4K/HDR scam strikes again? The 4K transfer of Apocalypse Now seems to have an inappropriate and ugly yellow-and-teal gloss throughout, blowing out natural hues and muddying detail, compared to the "Full Disclosure" release from years ago:

And yet, disc review sites have nothing but gushing praise for the transfer. If I were a suspicious sort, I'd wonder if they were dependent on free copies from studios to furnish their content... Dodgy
I'm going to have to disagree with you.  The earlier disc looks like a lot of early Blu-rays with all those filters to make it pop more to justify the existence of Blu-ray to people.  The new one looks more natural and filmic to me.

As for "blowing out natural hues", look at the lights at 6:23.
"Everything ends and it's always sad.  But everything begins again too and that's always happy.  Be happy." ~ The Doctor
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