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District 9
I went to see this film with a friend, and MAN was it good. It certainly confounded her expectations, I think she thought I was only going to take her to see some mindless action movie.

It's not perfect. A few gripes I have with this film was its lack of closure (it's pretty obvious that it's only about half the story), and that MNU is a daft name.

What makes its lack of closure so frustrating for me is that I don't feel that it's the kind of film that can ever have a sequel. Almost like The Matrix, absolutely great film, but nothing else can quite stand on its level.
Editing something.
yeah. really, really liked it.
It is true ! Great movie and best aspect of it is how point of view changes depend on who you are. I hope that this problem will be more developed in Avatar 'cos idea of changing into enemy is very interesting.

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