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Alexander Revisited?
I doubt this. Alexander hardly has any fans, so there will hardly be much fanedits, also because not many would be interested in seeing these.
Spence's Alexander is now up on RS for a month and has been downloaded 1 time.
I am a bit disappointed that my history on fanedit.org is nowhere mentioned anymore. It was 5 years of my life.
And again, it's a shame that the first version released will be the only version remembered.

I've watched the Revisited Edit twice now in one week. I'm fascinated by the fact that I hated this movie and now I love it. I find it inspiring that it really is possible to make a difference by rearranging the structure of a film.

And since it's such a massive story that deals with many different time periods, it's definitely given me a lot of ideas on how to approach Star Wars: Reborn.
Yeah i agree, I actually saw a lot of merit in the original release, having written a paper on the biases and mythology of Alexander at university, it was good to see that they had taken a slant similar to my own conclusions.
(biased I know ) 8)
But I realised that it needed a lot of work to make it a genuinely good film.

Sadly I have to agree with InfoDroid that the first version of a film released is usually the one people remember. I know firsthand how stubborn people can get and how much they are unwilling to believe that a film they didn't like could be made better by re-cutting it.
A few friends of mine still refuse to watch the Director's cut of kingdom of Heaven because they disliked the original so much.
However I've managed to sway several by judiciously showing them such gems as Strength and Honour and Matrix: DeZionised. Sadly I doubt any amount of persuasion would get them to watch Alexander again in ANY form.
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I wish the Revisited version included Stone's commentary from the Director's Cut, because it provided so much insight into the choices that were made for this film. Stone's commentaries are always good.

I wonder if there's any way to transfer it.... The problem is, many of the scenes have been totally reedited via deleted material and even alternate takes (not just extended). And the commentary always has that low level audio in the background. I wonder if it would be too difficult to sync it up.

Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone tried to do something like that before?

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