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Week of November 15th, 2020 - New Fanedits
4 new edits this week, including a debut from jrWHAG42

[Image: alien5-front-56-1605460748.jpg]
Quote:These two edits (ALIEN V rt 132min and ALIEN COVENANT:EXTENDED CUT rt 154 min) restore the three act structure by creating a new first act from supplemental and deleted material. There is also a new Coda, tightened up restored scenes to develop character and score and audio enhancements to give it a more A L I E N feel all over.

[Image: stdeadly-front-12-1605461226.jpg]
Star Trek: The Deadly Years Re-Cut by The Warlord
Quote:Based on an attempt I made years back, this edit accelerates the pace of the episode in line with the accelerated aging we witness!

[Image: tincupgolfers-front-21-1605460967.jpg]
Tin Cup: The Golfer's Edit by Wakeupkeo
Quote:My first fan-edit deserved a new look since the original movie was finally released at a considerably higher quality on Blu-ray in April of 2020

[Image: buckaroo-over-front-5-1605459993.jpg]
Buckaroo Banzai: Overthrusted by jrWHAG42
Quote:The Buckaroo Banzai that you know and love (or perhaps hate), now half an hour shorter and at a much quicker pace.
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