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Possible Password Hack?
Hey all. My passwords for the forums here and for IFDB got flagged as "compromised" by my computer today. I changed the login and now they appear good. It was literally just these two sites, so I don't know if someone was trying to harvest data from these sites or what, but I thought I'd throw it out there that you may want to change your passwords, especially if they're ones you use for other sites as well.
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That depends on how they were flagged e.g. the Chrome update that added this just checked whether the username & password combination existed in a dataset similar to the haveibeenpwned.com one, but was not site-specific - presumably to warn you that you're at risk from account takeover attacks that use those datasets as a source.
If they were the same password chrome would have flagged them as being similar. There are varying differences in the type of compromise (similar, same, data breach, etc.)

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