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What is everybody reading?
[Image: 51SzFFdf55L.jpg]

I'm four chapters away from the end, not counting the epilogue.

Some of Satchidananda's analyses strike me as iffy, but overall, I've found it an enlightening, engrossing read. I'm almost ready to start identifying as a Christian Hindu omnist now.  Wink
Deconstruction without reconstruction is destruction.
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Ransom Riggs)

[Image: a083274e006f5ecfef36bf039c3b83ca--miss-p...r-book.jpg]

The first three/four chapters hooked me in, but then ... I dunno. It certainly wasn't a poorly written novel, but it plateaued quickly and failed to retain my interest. Photos were a nice touch, though.

Deconstruction without reconstruction is destruction.
Black Hole (Charles Burns)

[Image: Blackholecover.jpg]

Darkly beautiful surreality in luscious B&W. There are times when I make impulse sight-unseen purchases which I end up regretting; this certainly isn't one of those times. Incredible. Just incredible.

Deconstruction without reconstruction is destruction.

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