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Lossless Codecs for Mac?
Hello there  Cool
I hope this finds you all well.

I am working on a fanedit on my Mac system, and have successfully done the following
--> Made an MKV file
--> Demuxed it, creating the following
       I. H.264 Video file
      II. Various Audio Tracks (5.1, Stereo, etc)
     III. Various subtitle tracks
--> Editing audio using Davinci Resolve 16
Obviously, Davinci Resolve cannot import and edit H.264 files, despite its ability to output them.

My question is really two questions:
--> Is there a codec conversion software that is lossless for Macs? I'm aware of ffmpeg, but I was under the impression there was some loss
--> In converting to an editable codec, is it best to use the original MKV or use the H.264 file?

Thank you for taking the time to read this,
All responses are welcome and appreciated!
~Silver Screen Samurai~

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