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Blade Runner: The Nexus 6 Extended Cut:
Blade Runner: The Nexus 6 Extended Cut:

Very nice edit. Eliminating the Deckard/replicant angle was a no-brainer, as it adds nothing to the story beyond shock-value -it's like one of those "What a twist!" tropes. Eliminating the narrator is also a no-brainer.

As far as the added scenes, the Holden scenes doesn't fit the tone of the movie and were rightly eliminated from the original. BUT... the trouble is there is major Gaff scene that is tied to them. Without that scene the Gaff character doesn't make much sense (beyond what the narrator tells us). So I'm happy with the trade-off, overall.

The one scene I didn't like to see go was the final scene with Rachel and Deckard in the car. It says a lot with very little. It's the only scene in the movie with light and it gives hope. We know they're going north and that someone will come after Rachel. But with Deckard there things might work out after all. That's a lot of storytelling on a scene that only shows two people on a car saying nothing. Still, it's only a minor thing.

Overall the watch was well worth it as it takes nothing important away and adds several juicy scenes, while rectifying a couple of bad calls from the original and the DC.


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