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Poll: What was your favourite edit of the month in January 2020?
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Rocketman: Diamond Edition by Problem Eliminator
6 75.00%
X-Men: Dead Phoenix by Zarius
2 25.00%
Total 8 vote(s) 100%
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January 2020 FEOTM: Final Run-off
After recently drawing in the FEOTM poll, Zarius and Problem Eliminator have managed to draw yet again during the run-off! Alas, we're intent on seeing a winner here... 

Given the unusual circumstances and the limited number of votes, we will be having a second run-off, but would like to encourage the community to vote regardless of whether they have seen an edit or not. To aid you in this decision our two competing editors, Zarius and Problem Eliminator, have shared clips that they feel best demonstrate their work on the relevant edit (see below). 

Naturally, if you are a member of the community, have not yet seen one or both of the edits and own the source, please consider viewing them to aid in casting your vote. 

Happy voting!

[Image: rocketman-diamond-front-78-1579457117.jpg]
Rocketman: Diamond Edition by Problem Eliminator
Problem Eliminator Wrote:This edit aims to provide a more complete, satisfying and enjoyable telling of Elton John’s story, particularly for fans. Deleted scenes are restored, including Elton’s first suicide attempt and a subplot regarding the AIDS crisis. Two egregious factual inaccuracies are removed: Elton taking his last name from John Lennon (the real-life origin, from blues singer Long John Baldry, is well-known) and Elton playing his ‘80s hits in the ‘60s. The tone and pacing are also improved by cutting Elton’s last argument with his mother (a miserable scene that is too similar to the argument with Bernie Taupin directly following it). Finally, a couple musical Easter eggs are added to the film’s score.

View scenes from this edit:

Problem Eliminator Wrote:Clip 1: This clip shows the deleted scene "Elton in the Gas Oven" inserted into the movie, as well as the brief use of an instrumental version of the song "Someone Saved My Life Tonight."

Clip 2: This clip shows the deleted scene “The Blood Test” inserted into the movie.

[Image: deadphoenix-front-13-1578251684.jpg]
X-Men: Dead Phoenix by Zarius
Zarius Wrote:...while binging both movies I worked out a way of integrating several choice scenes from Deadpool 2 into a cut of Dark Phoenix that gives the movie not just something that brings two well received X-Film franchises together... but also provides closure to the series that doesn't corrupt the timeline the way the original version of Dark Phoenix did, and also sets up a hypothetical fifth film in the First Class timeline to show the saga of the X-Men really ought to have continued. Two other minor tweaks aside, I left the rest of the movie alone.

View scenes from this edit:

Zarius Wrote:Clip One: This is the introduction to Wade in the movie, comes shortly after Jean thanks Hank for her medical and leaves the lab

Clip Two: Colossus gives Wade a pep talk, and from there we cut back to Jean as she visits Scott in her room

Clip Three: As the X-Men prepare to search for Jean, Colossus visits Wade to ask if he will join them

Clip Four: The post-credits scene introducing Cable to the X-Universe

This poll will last 10 days and close on 5th April.

Please note:
  • Faneditors are not allowed to vote for their own edit.
  • Faneditors are not allowed to solicit votes by PMing users or promoting the poll in other forums or social sites.
  • Voting is limited to active members who have been registered for more than a month and have a minimum of 5 posts.
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