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Last Survivor Wins August 2019 FEOTM
[Image: Banner-August-2019.jpg]

Happy New Year, everyone! We've just about caught up on the backlog in time for the new year... The winner for November will be announced within the next few days, alongside the polls for December. 

A belated congratulations to Last Survivor for winning August 2019 FEOTM with his edit, Spectre: The LS Cut!
Quote:"The LS Cut is an attempt to address what I believe to be the most damaging aspects of the film, such as ensuring that Bond is no longer related to Blofeld in any way other than being a nuisance to his Spectre organisation and their somewhat shady goals. There's also a concerted effort to tighten the pacing in some areas (for example - trimming the showy one long shot during the pre-credits scene). Whilst I don't think it's possible to fully save the lacklustre final 3rd act, I hope that Bond fans can at least enjoy Spectre a little more as a proper Bond romp without having to endure the idea that Blofeld was 007's adoptive brother all along."

Congratulations, Last Survivor!

Spectre on IMDB
Spectre: The LS Cut on IFDB

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Congrats LastSurvivor !  Well deserved!!!
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