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RoccondilRinon Wins September 2019 FEOTM
[Image: award-banner-Sep-2019.jpg]

We've been behind recently, but we're almost caught up. August and October's winners will be announced soon, as will the November poll.

The winner for September 2019 FEOTM is RoccondilRinon with his first edit, Scott Pilgrim vs The Editor!

Quote:Scott Pilgrim vs. the Editor incorporates many of the deleted or altered scenes back into the film, as well as the [adult swim] animated shorts. Extended and additional songs and gags have also been seamlessly integrated into the film, including finished visual effects, colour grading and matching, and an enhanced audio mix.

Congratulations, RoccondilRinon

Scott Pilgrim vs The World on IMDB
Scott Pilgrim vs The Editor on IFDB

This is the discussion thread for RoccondilRinon Wins September 2019 FEOTM.
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Congratulations on the win !!!
Thanks so much, everyone! Honestly didn't expect this, certainly not for my first effort!
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(12-06-2019, 11:02 PM)RoccondilRinon Wrote: Thanks so much, everyone! Honestly didn't expect this, certainly not for my first effort!

I expected it. Seriously, this edit was superb, I’ve watched it a couple times and I think it’s my permanent new way of watching it. Definitely close to the top in my fanedit rankings.

Congrats on the win. Can’t wait to see more from you in the future!
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