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Bond 25: No Time To Die
I wasn't sure on it... then I had the tune stuck in my head all day, so maybe it's a grower.
(02-14-2020, 09:41 AM)asterixsmeagol Wrote: The song I have the most conflicting feelings on in Goldeneye. Great melody and vocal performance, but what is up with the lyrics?

It's a good song in and of itself, yes.  The lyrics don't connect to the plot, beyond the broad strokes theme of revenge.  It's from the perspective of a scorned lover.  So unless there's a lot more between Alec and James than we were led to believe, I'd toss it in the "nothing to do with the movie" type of theme, along with the likes of The Living Daylights's word salad lyrics.
I like the song for a Bond movie. But the vocals sound like they were recorded way too hot. Which in the digital age should be easy to correct (and for a project like this presumably they have top notch production) so I’m assuming it’s a desired effect. But it sucks to my ear. Sounds like an expertly recorded band and a home recorded vocal track.
Incidentally, a few "Best Bond Themes" lists are popping up in my feed now.  I don't really agree with any of them, though this may be the closest: https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/mu...gs-ranked/

Most put McCartney, Sinatra, Bassey, Knight, Adele, Garbage, Armstrong, and Easton towards the top.  Most put Smith, Madonna, Lulu, A-ha, and Monro towards the bottom.  Cornell seems to be the most divisive, with people putting it either very high or very low.  One list I saw also included the unused Radiohead song "Spectre", which is definitely better than Smith's but I agree was too melancholy for the film's title song.  It was released free to download on Soundcloud.  Biggest oddity to me is Armstrong's song, which I don't like very much and don't think fits Bond that well...but I'm in the minority apparently.

Anybody have a favorite?
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