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DigModiFicaTion Wins July 2019 FEOTM
[Image: feotm-banner-july2019.jpg]

So we're waaaaay behind on this, but congratulations to DigModiFicaTion on his fanedit win for July 2019!
Quote:Young Han Solo joins a band of smugglers on his first major heist and is introduced to Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian. The intention of this edit is to make this feel more like Star Wars by adding a crawl, removing the teal filter, restoring the white, and adding wipe transitions.

Congratulations to DigModiFicaTion!

Star Wars: The Coaxium Heist on IFDB
Solo A Star Wars Story on IMDB
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Well done DigModiFicaTion for winning !!!!
Thank you to everyone who enjoyed this edit and that gently pushed and inspired me to not give up on the the color correction. I felt like I grew a lot during this edit in taking on the color and have all of you to thank  Smile
Congratulations Smile

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