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HBO Canceled the Game of Thrones Prequel
Apparently they've passed on it. I'm kind of OK with this since I don't think I was that interested in the Long Night.

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I was fine with this cancellation news until I read in the article above that Jane Goldman was the showrunner. I like pretty much everything she's done.
Apparently they greenlit another prequel series instead.

So you'll be getting "House of the Dragon" instead of "The Long Night" based on the new book "Fire & Blood", Martin has written (instead of working on the release of Winds of Winter).
We got a poster for the new series too.
[Image: House-of-the-Dragon.jpg]
I think this is all for the best. The White Walkers turned out to be the least interesting thing about Game of Thrones so creating a series about their origins isn't that interesting to me. But something that sets up Aegon the Conqueror and/or explores the fall of Valyria? Yes please!
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I’ve heard the book feels like a dry history textbook. I trust HBO to breathe some life into it. Since I was introduced to this world through the GoT series, I was anxious to read this book but people I know who are fans said not to bother. It seems similar to the Silmarillion in that regard, another book I never attempted.

I agree with the above post as well. The WW were a snore for me. The Targaryen’s are far more fertile ground for a prequel to me.
(10-30-2019, 10:46 AM)Moe_Syzlak Wrote: I’ve heard the book feels like a dry history textbook.

The book is told from the view of a Maester going through old Targaryen records so "dry" is probably an understatement Wink
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