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macmilln's Poster Emporium
(06-25-2020, 05:00 PM)macmilln Wrote: Sorry Malthus, this certainly isn't my best MCU-poster work. In my experience, there isn't a lot of minimalist art for Thor to be found...and I've already selfishly 'reserved' the best art I could find for my own potential edit... this is awkward, I know...

Don't be daft, I love it! Thank you. It just occurred to me that my artwork didn't actually feature the film's title. 

[Image: JRsMAEx.gif]
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Last ImpressionsAd Astra: Cor Tenebrae Edit
[Image: wkAM30r.jpg]
The text on that Mandy poster is sublime but the text on the Ad Astra one looks off IMO. I think it's because the large gap between 'Ad' and 'Astra' is further exaggerated by the gap between 'Cor' and 'Tenebrae' being lined up with it (and the D and C being lined up too). To me it looks like "Ad Cor/Aster Tenebrae Edit". A tweak like this perhaps?:

[Image: 50048474591_e175796753.jpg]
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TM2YC Interesting that you point that out, as the Mandy poster text was traced by me, whereas the Ad Astra one was lifted from an official poster Big Grin.

I see what you mean, whad'ya think of this?
[Image: 37cTKYn.jpg]
And an alt (more "conventional" art, but much less empty space):
[Image: y47d8hJ.jpg]
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This is great macmilln and thanks for chipping in with your comments TM2YCthe font on the second poster is much improved - i love the spacing. I am currently working on a poster now and was just about to head off to bed and now i'm pumped again to carry on. Like with the Mandy poster can you send me the PNG files - I would love to use the titling in some of my artwork. I may even try to turn your yellow poster blue as the planet is meant to be Neptune. Once again , i thank you both.
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