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macmilln's Poster Emporium
Didn't realize there was a place to share these posters until now.

I do a poster for a lot of the edits I download and put into Plex, so I figure I'd start posting them here.
(11-12-2019, 01:08 AM)macmilln Wrote: By the way if anybody wants me to make a poster for one of their edits, or someone else’s edit, just let me know right here!
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Firstly, Marvel Cinematic Universe edits! I used u/RedHeadJedi34's Minimalist MCU collection from r/PlexPosters as a template for the fanedits.

Here's what I've got so far: 

samspider3's Avengers - Extended Edition

[Image: wcrtGG9.png]

samspider3's Avengers: Age of Ultron - Extended Edition

[Image: SqaJuwT.png]

WhiplashDynamo's Avengers: Rage of Ultron (this one isn't on IFDB, hope that's kosher)

[Image: cxg1Ehi.png]

Cavolon's Avengers - The Infinity War

[Image: TZuKZ7q.png]

My own Avengers: Assembled (Infinity War/Endgame Compression)

[Image: iNfjxVC.jpg]

lapis molari's Black Panther - Wakanda Forever

[Image: diy55to.png]

Bobson Dugnutt's Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Defrosted Edition

[Image: San1ZRW.png]

lapis molari's Captain America: Civil War - Crossover

[Image: e3o83z3.png]
[Image: uDAMa12.png][Image: ofYwNfS.png]

Captain Marvel - Higher, Faster, Farther (also not on IFDB, hope this is also kosher.)

[Image: FxbjiWH.png]

rb's Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 - Pruned Edition

[Image: MyIxJPg.png]

ZariusHulk - Civil War

[Image: KpLl5gm.png]

lapis molari's Iron Man 2 - At the Core of It

[Image: 502zflq.png]

juice4z0's Iron Man 3 - Reforged

[Image: C3phMiC.png]

Bobson Dugnutt's Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man

[Image: 9QpJXto.png]

TM2YC's Thor: The Dark World - Hard Forged

[Image: M92WiCn.png]
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Also a couple Star Wars ones.

T-Bone's Star Wars - The Epic Picture

[Image: aH4TKFV.png]

u/12ParsecsRoundedDown's Solo - The Bold One (a phenomenal Color Grade of Solo: A Star Wars Story - also not on IFDB...)

[Image: W5Q9lKa.png]
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Forgot that I made some posters for Andreas' Game of Thrones - Film Franchise based on some minimalist art I found on Reddit.


[Image: Wxa1MQ9.png]

A Tale of Kings and Honor

[Image: g9D0s7V.png]

A Storm of Swords

[Image: KaazX6F.png]

A Feast for Crows

[Image: yQm3ALj.png]
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A few more...

My own Passengers - Aurora

[Image: BxD7y37.png]

Sinbad's Back to the Future - The Hill Valley Chronicles (this is just a slight adjustment to the 'official poster')

[Image: GVZl0A9.png]

Neglify's The Departed - Recut

[Image: hk29cAI.png]

njvc's Dark Knight - Recut Trilogy

[Image: 8EVYVWR.png]

Batman Begins
[Image: W7XC6n1.png]

The Dark Knight
[Image: DaAcxCp.png]

The Dark Knight Rises
[Image: yewC98R.png]
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Made a collection poster for Q2's Fall of the Jedi trilogy.

[Image: Bzt0IMn.png]
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AdamDens' Hobbit - Original Two-Film Structure

[Image: QNpbbX4.png]

Gathering of the Clouds
[Image: B9lPekn.png]

There and Back Again
[Image: v24aMr4.png]
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ZariusCivil War - Vengeance Has Consumed You. (I just used one of the alts from my posters for lapis molari's Civil War - Crossover)

[Image: pbgbpJa.jpg]

Edit: Sorry, Zarius, I just realized I had put my logo on the bottom and not the FE logo. Fixed now.
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eldusto84's Finest Hour. This is somewhat WIP.

[Image: KNT1Sg7.png]
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DigModiFicaTion's Thor: Ragnarok - Trimmed Edition.

[Image: lvAPVLP.png]
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