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2020 Movies
Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, Sherlock Holmes....Yes Yes yes. I haven't smiled like that during a trailer in a long time Smile
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Spoiler free review, I discuss some general stuff but not specifics...

Tenet (2020)
This was the first time I've been out to a cinema in 6-months but a Nolan film is something special not to be missed. Feeling the seat shaking bass of the soundmix and hearing Ludwig Goransson's aggressive synthy score at full volume was such a total pleasure that I almost didn't mind that it drowned out lots of the dialogue.  Every frame of Christopher Nolan and Hoyte van Hoytema's 70mm/IMAX visuals are gorgeous to look at on the big screen.  It was a pleasant socially-distanced experience, well done Vue Cinemas UK.

If you think making a fast paced action thriller about inverted time, with characters moving forward in time, fighting others who are moving backwards in time, plus a full speed highway chase involving backwards people, driving vehicles in reverse, forwards in time, as other forwards people drive forwards but backwards in time and then vice versa, sounds too confusing... well it is. I didn't understand half of what was going on (the inaudible dialogue during key exposition scenes didn't help) but I felt sure Nolan did. It's not hard to understand because it's a mess, it's just hard to understand the concepts as they whizz past your head. I'd rather have a film straining my synapses to comprehend it, than a film that treats me like an idiot.

I didn't think star John David Washington was a particularly good actor on the evidence of Spike Lee's 'BlacKkKlansman' and unfortunately it's confirmed here. He's given several action-man zinger one liners (e.g. "I ordered my hot sauce an hour ago!") which fall totally flat due to his wooden delivery. Thankfully, his role doesn't ask that much of him beyond looking like he can physically handle the action, which he sells 100% and Robert Pattinson is on hand most of the time to deliver shed loads of charisma. Why did he sign up for Batman and not James Bond? I could see all of the plot twists coming but then I could appreciate seeing how the story built toward them. I very much enjoyed watching 'Tenet' but I'd need to see it a couple more times to get my head round it and decide if it's actually a great film, or a daring failure.  It might be one of Nolan's lesser works but it could be an endlessly fascinating puzzle that rewards you more and more on repeat viewings.

Time to listen to some reviews and watch some "Tenet explained" videos Big Grin ...

We hosted our kids’ eighth birthday party today so the wife and I felt we deserved a date night, so we’re going to dinner and a movie (Tenet). The only OV showing near us starts at 8:45. I hope I can stay awake. The only other movie I’ve seen in the cinema this year is Rise of Skywalker.
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