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2020 Movies
This is the movie I'm waiting for
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I guess Tenet, like a lot of peoples. But I am mostly waiting for Denis Villeneuve Dune and Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0.

I'd really like this to be good but I don't know...

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Extraction (2020) (Netflix original)

[Image: extraction-netflix-696x392.jpg]

I'm no movie-violence prude, but this flick from an MCU stunt coordinator and writer Joe Russo crossed the line from entertaining grisliness to pornographic excess, and then kept going, and going, and going. Which might have been tolerable, had it not had the gall to include a humanizing, tragic backstory for its mass murdering white hero tearing through the Bangladeshi capital, wasting untold everyday cops and soldiers along the way. The scene in which his young charge coaxes said haunting backstory out of him is downright embarrassing for the ease in which he coughs it up.

To be fair, the action is crisp, brutal, and spectacular, including a very impressive digitally stitched oner. (The thing about handheld camera oners assembled with whip-pan cuts, however, is that I sometimes find it hard to notice where they begin or end, or to really care.) Then again, Narcos S2 had a great oner in an hour-long episode that also had a real story, characters, and point. This two-hour movie feels like a very long video game mission adapted to live-action - not a video game as a whole, like Star Trek Beyond, just a single mission. And the endless mayhem eventually wore me down. For Netflix fun and murder in an exotic country, go with Triple Frontier first, and only move on to this if you must.

Grade: C-
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This looks fantastic. Available on video on demand August 14th
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^ That Sputnik film does look intriguing.

This latest attempt to put the Nicola Tesla story on screen looks bold and imaginative. More trailers should open with the sentence "Is nature a gigantic cat?":

'Little Joe' has been getting some buzz and the trailer looks fascinating:

I was looking forward to Bill & Ted 3 but I'm lukewarm about this new trailer:

Cinematography in this looks amazing. Pattinson and Rylance look fab but Depp's performance looks iffy. Like it's from a different campier movie to the other actors:

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