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Dune (2020) Denis Villeneuve's Film
I don't see how one could get that impression. Everything in the trailer is a scene in the book, it just so happens that Lynch also adapted most of those scenes directly as well.

Lynch's movie is more faithful to the book than most assume in the first half, which is the half this new movie is also adapting. The only major differences I can recall in this portion of the story in Lynch's film are the addition of the opening scene with the Emperor and the Guild Navigator (Navigators don't appear in the first book); the addition of the "weirding modules," which don't exist in the book (or this movie, it appears); and the extra-cartoonish villainy of the Harkonnens (the Baron flying around and generally acting like a lunatic instead of a cold strategist, the heart plugs, the skin boils), which also appears to not be a thing in this adaptation.

I also don't expect Villeneuve to keep the characters' internal monologues as voiceover the way Lynch did.
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Yeah, every single scene seems straight from the book. And seeing the comparisons with Lynch's movie I'm just happy I get to see a version that feels closer to the book than the scenes from Lynch's.
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Fair enough. I read the book 33 years ago while backpacking in the Utah desert. I liked the book but didn’t obsess over it. The scenes that they’ve shown so far in images and trailers look remarkably like the Lynch movie to me. But perhaps both are just very faithful to descriptions of looks and scenes from the book.
Yeah, it's like seeing a story with a different translation. The main points might be there, but what I'm seeing in that trailer is almost scarily accurate. That shot of the worm eating the mining rig from underneath, for instance, feels right out of my mind's eye, while the Lynch version seems rather stilted. It will be nice to have such a high-budget production led by people at the top of their cinematic class. No offense to Lynch (I quite admire the fellow), but I don't think even he was happy with the result of his project. I'm also fairly certain there are some homages to Lynch's ideas for sure, just reinterpreted.
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I love the look of Lynch’s Dune. This one looks drab in comparison to me. It’s like Chronicles of Riddick; not a good movie but the look just pulls me in.
(09-17-2020, 10:57 AM)Moe_Syzlak Wrote: This one looks drab in comparison to me. 

That's fair, Lynch's certainly seems to have a more vivid color palette for sure. I'll be very interested to see how this one turns out. It's funny though, when reading the book I always imagined that the only vivid color was in the rare plants, or people's eyes. Sure, I imagined golden dunes as well, but the barren wasteland-type look Villeneuve is going for in this version matches closely enough for it not to feel jarring. Plus there was a lot of color in Blade Runner 2049, and I expect that if there's a way to use that effectively here he will. Hopefully the whole thing won't be nearly colorless.
It’s not just the color. The design of the still suits and other costumes and sets, let alone characters just isn’t nearly as interesting looking. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still very excited for this movie. And I’ll take a relatively drab look with great story execution any day... like Arrival. But we don’t have anything to really comment on yet but the look.
I recommend Spicediver's Dune fanedit. The theatrical cut has serious pacing issues which Spicediver fixed, making his 3 hour cut feel shorter than the theatrical's 136 minutes. Lynch's visuals are really impressive. There's so much detail in every shot, where this new one seems pretty bland in comparison.

I hope there's more color in the full movie. The shots in the trailer all seem very muted, like they were all shot on an extremely overcast day. Compare it to the vibrancy of Lawrence of Arabia, or just look at pictures of the deserts where Denis shot.
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I didn't love the version of Eclipse by Pink Floyd in the Trailer and hope it gets no where near the final project...but its a good homage to Jodorowsky who enticed the hamburger munching  ensemble to furnish his unmade version of Dune with the music

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